Actipar. The Ones Who Act!


Mergers and Acquisitions transaction support

Identifying targets;
Valuation assistance;
Due diligence;
Completion and;
Post M&A integration.

Business opportunities

Morocco offers a variety of business opportunities for private investors.
Sector such as : Agro-industry, services, tourism, mining and power stations and renewable are offering high potential of private investments;

ACTIPAR offers a comprehensive market research to help investors and assist them to take the best decisions.

Evaluation, Reorganization and Restructuration

Needs of evaluation;
Needs of reorganization and implementation of new procedures,
Control, Internal audit and accounting;
Needs of financial restructuring;
Legal and Fiscal advisory.

Recruiting talents

Recruitment framework;
New entrant orientation and development;
Developing people;
Tailored training programs and provide adequate training.

Organizational effectiveness

Fostering changes in organizational culture, individual growth and teamwork;
Developing leaders through individual and or group coaching;