Actipar is a Moroccan company created in 2004 to assist investors in most of their business set up process and to facilitate:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Accounting and Audit
  • Legal and Fiscal Advisory
  • Establishment of companies in Morocco
  • Assisting in recruiting talents
  • Providing assistance in establishing procedures and manuals
Actipar. The Ones Who Act!


Member of the M&A Worldwide, a network for Mergers and Acquisitions in 37 countries.

Values and Beliefs

Accountability :

We accept and acknowledge responsibility for actions and policies, as well as we make decisions through right judgment and rich experience


We treat our client’s information in confidence and we neither report nor share information about clients.
We protect confidentiality in accordance with ethics norms.


We demonstrate professional integrity and avoid conflicts of interest and we create an environment that promotes mutual respect and trust.
We build success through trust, respect and fulfillment of our commitments


We demonstrate fairness and believe in honesty, we do not compromise the truth.
We conduct all our work with integrity.
We look for sustaining professional relationships through honesty and hard work.


We hold on ethics and standards by developing professional relationships and attempt excellence.
We support professional enhancement and share our knowledge and expertise.


We achieve our objectives and seek for excellence that builds our identity by encouraging and focusing on progress and constant improvement.


We are responsible for ourselves, all decisions we make, and clients we serve.
Our sense of responsibility enables us to recognize our client’s needs and treat them fairly

Missions & Role

Explore opportunities of business for our customer;
Assist and offer a large range of expertise to support our customers in the different stage of their development and investment;
Provide quality services to our customers as we help develop solutions to their individual challenges;
Offer a large range of services along with the necessary cultural insight and complete understanding of the regulatory aspects.


Giving the best service to our clients and maintaining long term relationships.
We distinguish ourselves through our commitment

Social Responsibility

Our investments are carefully chosen in order to sustain our responsibility toward the society.
We relate our progress to both society and economy interests.
We recognize our responsibility toward the sustainable development of society, environment and economy